• JOSLEN SINAGA Universitas Darma Agung
  • Ruth Meivera Siburian Institut Sains dan Teknologi TD Pardede
  • Jamot Sirait Universitas Darma Agung


Harmonics are periodically distorted waves occuring in voltage, current, or power waves consisting of sine waves whose frequency is an integer multiple of the source / fundamental frequency, so that the shape is not sinusoidal. Harmonic distortion will result in losses to the network system, including the occurrence of parallel and series resonances. One of the causes is the installation of shunt capacitors in the network used to compensate reactive power. Capacitors are very sensitive to harmonic currents because the capacitor impedance will decrease proportionally to the order of harmonics in the system. In the use of capacitors must go through a safety called a detunedreactor. This study concludes: if you use a capacitor with a 54 kVAR / step unit at a voltage of 434,783V, and an 8% reactor is installed in series with a reactor impedance value of 0.695 ohms, then the maximum current that will flow is 10.25 A. It is necessary to adjust the voltage and current. harmonics, because they are connected in series with the reactor, a capacitor rating of 550 volts is required with a reactive power of 86.412 kVAR.

Apr 23, 2021
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SINAGA, JOSLEN; SIBURIAN, Ruth Meivera; SIRAIT, Jamot. ANALISA PENGARUH HARMONISA PADA PENGOPERASIAN BEBAN LISTRIK. JURNAL TEKNOLOGI ENERGI UDA: JURNAL TEKNIK ELEKTRO, [S.l.], v. 9, n. 2, p. 88-97, apr. 2021. ISSN 2720-9784. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 15 june 2021.