• Viana Rebecca Siahaan STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan


n the field of nursing, there is an act of helping or what is known as prosocial. However, the lack of development of altruism or motivation in nurses' prosocial behavior can lead to behaviors that lack care for patients. As a result, patients' needs are not addressed immediately, and nurses can be rude and fierce, which causes patients' needs not to be met and can affect the image of the hospital. This study aims to determine the relationship between spiritual intelligence and prosocial behavior at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan. The research method used is descriptive correlation with cross sectional approach. This research was conducted at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan, Jl. MT. Haryono Dalam No 23, Sungai Nangka Village, South Balikpapan District. This study covers three rooms namely Surgery, Internist, and Intensive Care rooms. The population in this study is all nurses in Siloam Hospital Balikpapan which amounted to 282 people, and the sample of 146 people was selected using Simple Random Sampling technique. The results showed the demographic data of respondents based on the majority characteristics as follows: female as many as 116 people (80%), the average age of respondents is 26-35 years old as many as 85 people (57.8%), 0-5 years of service as many as 70 people (45.5%), Catholic religion as many as 80 people (51.1%), and the majority tribe is Toba Batak as many as 120 people (80%). The level of prosocial behavior of nurses at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan in 2021 is included in the good category as many as 120 people (89.8%).

Sep 21, 2023
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