• Juli Evianna Br Purba Akademi Keperawataan ARTA Kabanjahe


The total world population in 2025 is estimated at 2.5 billion, the population of this great cause various problems such as lack of food and nutrition causing poor health, low education, lack of jobs, the birth rate and high mortality, lack of jobs , the birth rate and high mortality, particularly in developing countries. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of mother knowledge about the IUD for participation as IUD acceptors in Bunda Street Maternity Clinic Kotacane Kabanjahe Karo District of the Year 2015. The IUD Contraception is a tool or object that is inserted into the uterus that is very effective, reversible, long-term can be used by all women of reproductive age.This type of research is observational analytic with cross sectional method. Used cross sectional design, where the population is all women of childbearing age couples who visit the Mother Road in Maternity Clinic Kotacane Kabanjahe District of Karo 2015 a number of 30 respondents. If the population of more than 100, it can be 10-15% or 2025% or more. If the population is less than 100 then it is taken entirely so called study population. In this study, the sample of 30 people. The type of data used are primary data.Results of the analysis showed that the EFA mother who has a good knowledge of the majority to participate as an IUD acceptors 9 (69.3%), who are knowledgeable enough to participate also 4 people (30.7%). The results of the statistical test ChiSquare was obtained p = 0.000 means that there is a relationship of mother's knowledge by participating as an IUD acceptors. 

Oct 8, 2019
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