Focus and Scope


This journal is a publication tool for researchers, conducted by researchers, lecturers, and students. This journal contains scientific papers from various branches of science that have been summarized by following the journal rules we have set. This journal is deliberately made to contain different fields of science, hoping that readers can see and take the information needed. Likewise, the authors can freely disseminate their work in this journal without the limitations of a specific field of science.

Jurnal Darma Agung is a scientific publication to disseminate information on multidisciplinary research results to lecturers, students, and related institutions, especially in Indonesia, leading to an increase in Indonesia's Human Development Index. Darma Agung Journal is a collection of scientific works on research results conducted by researchers, both lecturers and students. This journal contains scientific studies from various branches of science. This journal is also open to writers from both inside and outside the Darma Agung University campus. Each edition of this journal contains 50 articles that have been deemed appropriate by the Darma Agung Journal management team. This journal was originally published 3 times a year, namely in April, August, and December, but due to the high number of authors who are interested in disseminating their work through this journal, then in May 2023, through the approval of the Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN) the frequency of publication of the Darma Agung journal was increased to 6 times, namely: February, April, June, August, October, and December.